Morosi Design is a surface pattern design and illustration studio founded by Claire Morosi. The studio is based in Hampshire. Artwork is produced under the ROSIMOROSI label.

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Claire Morosi’s work has been described as quirky, intricate and multi-layered. Designs begin as hand-drawn doodles and sketches that are then brought together and digitally enhanced with rich textures and colour. Inspired by the natural world, her work often features floral motifs, birds and fish interwoven with abstract elements and organic textures. Colour plays an important role in her work and it can be vibrant, playful and unusual.

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Morosi Design offers a range of custom surface pattern designs and illustrations for application on many different products including packaging, stationery, greetings cards and gift wrap, apparel and home textiles. For projects, commissions, licensing and purchase enquiries please contact Claire Morosi.

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